Sunday, June 28, 2015


 Baby Ike is already a week old and we have been  spending most of our time watching him.   Newborn babies can't really do much except  they excel in making incredibly funny faces.  As Rigbys we feel that it is our duty to observe as many of  those faces as possible.  Unfortunately due to the lighting of our apartment and the spontaneity of the expressions I haven't been able to catch many of them.  It isn't  that I haven't tried it is just that the photos just  never seem right.

With Oma and Opa here it has been peaceful and calm.  They took great care of us all cooking and cleaning and playing games.    They even took the kids to  the park every day for picnics. 

They went out to Papa's Pizza and the girls all got a personal  pizza.  Daisy had been given a coupon as an award at school and  was excited to cash it in.  
 Rosy told  everyone that she was so happy because, "I have a pizza and  I don't have to share!"

I just want to squeeze him all day.

 Brandon taught the girls to make "dirt cups" and now there is a new favorite treat around here.  I think they actually got dirtier with the Oreo cookies  than they would have actually playing with dirt.

 All the girls like to hold  Isaac but  Daisy has a special knack for it.   She is calm and will sit for long periods of time  snuggling him. 

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Debbie said...

Well, from over here, we think he looks like baby Eric. He has the baby Feliz and Eric nose. We also like all the cute things Rosy says. And Daisy looks so pretty/adorable in these pics.