Friday, June 19, 2015

Peas Please

 Ahhh, summer,  it is just the best.
 Our pea harvest was pretty much the best thing that has happened so far this year.  The vines grew way above the trellis and were 6 feet  tall.  The rest of the garden looks like a weedy mess but all anyone ever noticed  was  our amazing  peas.  Once they started growing the kids would pick snacks while they were playing outside.  There were always enough, even for the moms, and they were so, so sweet.  Daisy picked what I am afraid  are the end of our crop but it was good while it lasted. 

I have felt so hot and huge at the end of this pregnancy that I haven't really even bothered to take any photos.  We got this one just so there is proof that I actually carried this little boy.  Or it could just be a soccer ball that I used as a disguise in order to get attention.  You be the judge.

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