Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye 1st Grade

 Rocky talks about her teacher Sra. Field all day long.  We will be driving and she will say, "Maestra says that no matter what you are doing you can't stop yourself from learning something."  Or we will be cooking and she will say, "Maestra says that a knife doesn't care if it is cutting a carrot or your finger so you always have to be careful."
It doesn't matter what is happening she has some kind of life lesson that her teacher has taught her.  Sra. Field is 72 years old and has years of experience understanding kids.  Rocky just loved her and I am sure that she will continue to learn from all those extra tips that her first grade teacher gave her.

 Bonus Picture:  A regular evening at our place.  Comic books and the iPod Shuffle equals three happy girls.

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