Saturday, June 6, 2015

Skate World

 Skate World is basically a time warp back to the early 1990s Classic Skating in Ogden.  Brandon and I walked in there and it was immediate nostalgia.  It has the lights,  the big D.J. stand, the snack bar and that sweaty smell that kind of clings to your clothes.  It is awesome.  We were super excited about the event that was planned by the non-trad student association...that is until we got  three little girls strapped into their skates.  The whole time we were putting them on Rocky was telling us how good she was at skating which turned out to be more than a minor exaggeration.  All three of them were hopeless on wheels. 
 Rosy was  the easiest because she pretty much just gave in and ordered us to carry her around.  The other two were determined to get out and skate, which is a good thing if you are looking for children with grit, but not so good if you are the parent that has to hold hands with them. 
 I didn't even put my skates on until it was almost time to go home because honestly at this stage of pregnancy I am having a hard time keeping my balance while walking.  Thanks to the stroller policy at this place Rosy and I were able to cruise around without injury. 

 Those brown skates are just too fantastic.
Rocky and Daisy told everyone that we had a wonderful time skating, and I think they probably did.  I think Brandon's face might be a more clear expression of how things went for their parents.  We both had sore shoulders for a couple of days.  It might be another couple of decades before we go back again,  but when we do I am sure it will look just the same and it will be glorious.

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