Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye Head Start

 Daisy really wanted Rosy to come have lunch with her on the last day of  school.  Lunch time in that classroom is really just adorable.
 Daisy has loved it there so much and even though I know she is ready for kindergarten it was really sad for me to see her leave Head Start.  

 Here she is with Lonnie who has picked her up on the bus every school day for the last two years, and with Teacher Stormi and Fatemeh who have taught her so much.

 This is the look that you get if you tell Rosy to keep the sand out of the grass.

 The final party turned out to be a big success when the guys I had thought weren't going to be bringing food donations showed up with enough food for two parties. 
 Just look at those jokers!  They are so cute and as a group look like so much trouble.

Daisy is such a sweet girl and loves her teachers as much as they love her.  I am so amazed at how grown up and smart she is. 
And now it is time for summer to begin.

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