Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer for Real

 We have been wasting the first week of summer by hanging out in our pajamas all morning.  I know it isn't a good plan for the whole break but it just feels right for now.  Rosy has been pretending to be a baby and making sure that all of our baby stuff is broken in.
We have also been trying to hang out with all of our neighborhood friends before everyone leaves.  Graduation hits our community hard every year and this is no exception.  Luckily most everyone still has plans to stay for the summer  so we are trying to take advantage of it.
 Yan planned a surprise graduation party for Link and she prepared the traditional hot pot meal.  It was absolutely incredible.  We sat and ate and then sat and then ate some more.  It was the perfect  chance to chat and laugh and it was a  perfectly lovely night with awesome friends.  I don't have anything funny or interesting to say about it other than that I hope I will always remember being so happy with people that I love so much.
 The weather has been incredible and we went to the June 5K.  Brandon took the older girls with him and Rosy and I walked the first mile out and back.  She was a little too fast for me but I tried to keep up.  She had a running commentary about every runner that passed us.  She would decide by her gut feeling and announce, "I like that lady.....I don't like that guy....I like that guy..."  I tried  to talk to her about being a little nicer to people but niceness really isn't her scene.  I guess that isn't really fair to say because she is actually very nice to the people that  she decides that she likes.  My friend Emily said  that she would be perfect for reality TV because she doesn't seem to be concerned about hurting anyone's feelings.
 We had a great day in Portland last  week.   Brandon went to the temple and the rest of us played our hearts out at the Children's Museum, and by that I mean that the kids played while I sat on the benches with the grandmothers.   We met up with Jody and  Jay so it was extra fun. 

 My camera died after two photos so I can't accurately show how amazing it was.  You will just have  to visit yourself.
Afterward  we had a quick stop at a food cart  and then we spent the rest of the evening hanging out with the Johnsons and best of all having Jody cut our hair.  I don't know what made us all so desperate for new dos but  we all got the same short cut  and we are all really loving it.

The  other morning it was already in the 70s and I walked out the door to see this crazy homeless lady scavenging around for things to put in her cart.  I didn't think much of it because, truth be told, it is a common sighting around here.  But this time it came as a surprise  when I realized that this mini bag  lady was really my youngest daughter.

I still have no explanation why she thinks it is a good idea to wear a dress with an extra skirt on top, a sweater, and a puffy coat on the hottest day in Eugene, but then again, there is a lot about all three of my kids that I am sure I will never understand.

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