Friday, December 6, 2013

12 More Hours of Family Bonding

We survived another trek to Utah which is always something of a bonding experience for our family.  We left around noon instead of driving all night like we have been.  This meant that it took a little bit more creativity to keep everyone happy.
I took a few photos when we were about an hour in and everyone was in good spirits.  Brandon had checked out some great books for them to explore on the way.  Daisy was studying cupcake designs and Rocky was engrossed in the Super Hero Squad Show comic.  They weren't all that interested in the scenery until we got to Bend and passed a Sonic.  Rocky said, "Wow there is a Hedgehog here too!"  I don't know how she comes up with this stuff.
I was so busy taking this photo of Rosy a-snooze that I didn't even notice that she wasn't even completely buckled in.  
The girls were champs and they really tried to be cheerful.  Whenever any grumbling started I would remind them that we were en-route to see their grandparents and they would calm right down.
It is hard on those long lonely roads not to get a little lead-footed and we were pulled over a little bit outside of Ontario.  Luckily we got off with a warning but Rocky was very concerned.  She couldn't figure out why we would speed and I told her that sometimes when you are driving for a long time it is easy to get faster and faster without really noticing.  After that it was about every 12 minutes that her little voice would pipe up and remind us that we need to remember the speed limit.  You better believe that we didn't forget again.
Everybody thought it was pretty fun to have a car picnic and eat burritos in the dark and then we watched a Redbox movie for movie night.  
Brandon took this photo about 10 hours in and you can see that things had gotten a little crazy.
 Whenever Rosy would get whiny her sisters distracted her with their pillow pets which apparently also make beautiful bonnets.
And now, after a good rest they are reaping the rewards and watching Loony Toons with Opa.

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