Saturday, December 28, 2013

Not Miley's Best Day

 Jill always makes a pinata of the most memorable icon of the year for the Isaacson Christmas party.  This year clearly went to Miley Cyrus.  Even though my girls haven't see the notorious performance at the VMAs they have been practicing their Miley faces.

 Rosy sat with the big girls as they waited to be called up by Santa.  She only sat still for a couple of minutes and then walked around hitting her cousins in their faces with pom-poms.  Hopefully Santa wasn't watching.
 Rocky surprised us all by asking for a cotton candy maker that she could use at home.  Apparently there is such a thing but, spoiler alert, she didn't get it.  Up until this point she had consistently said that she wanted a remote control car.  My mother's heart did feel a little bad because I had already said no to the Monster High create a doll lab, and by the way that a few minutes after she was done with Santa she turned and whispered to Jill, "It makes real cotton candy."
My guess is that she knew it was a lost cause so like little Ralphie she tried one last ditch effort in asking the man in red.
 I predicted that Rosy would want to have nothing to do with Santa but she responded to him just like she did the rest of the family.  When he picked her up she sat still and just pretended that she couldn't see him.  Crying isn't really her thing, nor is being friendly.
 Daisy asked for makeup which wasn't a surprise because she has basically been asking for it since she started to speak.  She also wanted a kitty.
 And to repeat the cliche of the night, when it got down to pinata time those kids came in like a wrecking ball.
 I personally think it was the bets pinata so far.  It made it through all of the great-grandchildren, even the teenagers, and it actually broke apart in the end. 

 And then, lest you think that my people are only about the secular trappings of the holiday and focused too much on Santa and/or the beating of innocent pop stars, we move on to the more sacred part of the evening.  The nativity is the part that Isaacson children across generations have participated in by fighting over who got the good parts.  We all know that some of the costumes are better than others, and that the wise men get to carry really cool gifts.  Of course the girls always want to be Mary because she gets to carry the baby Jesus, and the boys want to be Joseph because he gets to wear the Raiders robe.
Lucky for Rosy she was the perfect size to be the baby shepherd.
 Daisy put her own costume together.  Since there were so many angels she declared herself the star.
 As I was looking more closely at this picture I realized that Ethan somehow snaked the Raiders robe without being Joseph.  Well played.  Also, there seems to be a fourth wise man, but Jacee must have won the toss because she's got the lotion dispenser.  Rocky was a close second with the powder puff bowl.
 The more I look at it the more I realize that Rocky looks a lot more like a pirate than a wise man.  I'm thinking there is something a little fishy going on here.  No wonder there were four, one of them was an imposter.  I hope those jewels were still there when that bowl was presented to the baby Jesus.
Hmm...What do we have here?

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