Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Hip-Haps

 So far we have been freezing our little buns off in Utah.  The good news is that it is just as cold in Eugene so we wouldn't have been able to escape it.  A bunch of Rigbys got together to see the sights at Temple Square.  These cousins have the best time hanging out.

 I couldn't pass up the chance to see the old ZCMI candy windows.  They didn't disappoint.  My girls clearly have a similar interest in sweets.
 The next stop was the Jazz game which was much warmer.  We had a great time even though they lost.
 If you have ever wondered what it looks like on the back row of the Energy Solutions Arena, this is it.  We found out that it is pretty awesome back there because the kids can run around and play.
 I have a new daughter.  She has long blonde hair and mouse ears.
 At first I thought it was Daisy and that she had dressed up but after several days I have realized that this is not a costume.
 She has also taken a job that requires that she spend several hours working on her "computer" which lived its previous life as a Battleship game.

 They have also been playing with a lot of Play-Doh.  Daisy worked very hard on this snowman whose name is Ooga Booga.  Rocky's was named Dasher.
 Rosy didn't have time for playing because she has been too busy stuffing her face with food.  The first couple of days she wouldn't eat anything but now she has two new teeth and an insatiable hunger.
 I took them shopping for each other and Daisy picked out a pink computer for Rocky and Rocky picked out a Play-Doh set for Daisy.  They have been taking the idea of keeping it a surprise very seriously.  I thought that the cover would be blown in just a few minutes but they haven't said a word.  The only slip happened when Daisy was whispering to me that she wants to play with Rocky's gift and her sister overheard her.  She thought she heard the word "pig" and she has been telling everyone that Daisy got her a pig.  She told me, "I don't really want a pig but I know Daisy is excited so I will for sure like it."  Daisy handles it in such a funny way.  She just gets a big smile and giggles like crazy.
 Daisy has started calling my dad, Op.  I guess Opa just took too much effort to say.

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