Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Howeird Village

I have heard a lot of people talk about having a Christmas Village.  Some of them are pretty neat but I never hesitate in saying that the one my sister does at my parent's house is unique.  This top photo only shows part of it but it does give an over-view of what you would see if you didn't look too closely.  Once you get right up there you find a town full of people who are really living.  
There are little carolers that have stopped for a cookie from an old man.

There are lovebirds trying to steal a kiss under the mistletoe while nobody is looking.
There is a band whose song is clearly being interrupted by this impolite town crier, much to the dismay of the conductor.
 And then there is this little girl who has clearly lost someone she loves.

If you take an even closer look you might find that there are some strange happenings.  Like this pig for example.  
Or this cow that really just wants to get religion.

And then, for those who really look closely, there is the more sinister side of this Dickens Village.  
If you ask me, this guy was basically asking to be mugged when he left the house wearing that jacket.

 The minster is creepy enough on his own but becomes even worse when you see what has happened to the dude waiting outside his church.
 This little girl is unaware of what her puppies have found buried in the snow.  Don't look too closely if you are squeamish.  There is a whole body connected to that hand.

And what is this guy digging for in this secluded forest?

Don't forget the monsters.

I don't know who would be more horrified.  The Department 56 people who sell these figures and get upset if you mix the "town" pieces with the "city" pieces or the Monster Village people who probably wouldn't appreciate their gore side by side with the quaint houses.
If you didn't already know I am weird, then you don't know me, but I feel that in a way the village explains a few things.
This is what happens when an English teacher marries a horror film buff and they reproduce.
What I see when I look at this village is my incredibly creative sister and a family with a sense of humor.  The best part is when people come by and don't really look.  They rave about how darling the village is and don't even notice King Kong.

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Lindsey and Isaac said...

Oh my goodness, reading all your posts just made my night. I love your village, king kong, buried man, and all! My favorite was reading about the trek of a car ride it is to Utah from Oregon. You guys are seriously the best.