Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Wedding

Feliz was the most beautiful bride but I hardly got any photos.  I'm still holding out that more people will post them on facebook but for now this is it.
 The wedding was lovely, even more so because we adore these two so much.  Cody seems to be her perfect match and together they have captured the hearts of all their nieces and nephews.

Feliz has always been such an amazing person.  She was tough enough to hold her own against her 7 brothers but also developed a special sensitivity and grace that make it impossible not to love her. I have also been impressed by the close relationship she and Indee share.  She has always looked after her little sister with a fierce loyalty.  When I first met her she was only 11 and now she is this gorgeous, talented woman.  As much as I have always enjoyed my friendship with Feliz I have felt in the last few years that it has blossomed more as I have seen the way my girls look up to her.  Okay, okay, I've got to stop because I'm getting all blubbery.  You get the idea.  I love her and I'm so glad to see that she has fallen in love with a super-stud that knows how fantastic she is.


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