Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Camera Craze

I will admit that I have gone photo crazy during this trip.  I am glad to have the photos though because we have had an especially fun time.
 Weber State, Weber State, Great, Great, Great!!  Daisy insisted that she wear her jammers even though they aren't purple.
The game was super fun and it brought back a bunch of memories of the year that Brandon and I were first married when we went to every game and watched Dave Patton lead the team to be the Big Sky champs.

Then it was the Ogden Christmas Village which just gets better every year.

Rosy wasn't really down with the cold weather so she and Brandon spent most of the time hanging out in the car.  She felt better afterward when it was time for Opa's hot chocolate.

Daisy has adopted Rosy's hat and it has become her new favorite accessory, even when she is sleeping.

We got to go sledding and although Daisy was a little nervous, Rocky went for it whole heartedly.
Look at that stud of a husband of mine.  What a good lookin' man.

Mike carried Daisy the whole way home.  Don't look too closely or you will see more of Daisy than you might wish.
Bedtime stories with Abia and the cousins.

It didn't take Rosy long to discover the infamous Rigby snack closet.  Now the trick is keeping her out.
This candy cane craft that Kathy did provided the one moment during the whole weekend when all the girls were sitting still.

We had some playtime in the snow with Jilly and Link.

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