Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...And We Saw More

 The Palacio Nacional is known for the enormous Diego Rivera murals that he spent 20 years painting and they are extremely interesting.  I know this is an ignorant comparison but they make me think of those Where's Waldo books because there are hundreds of things going on at the same time.  Together the paintings span the history of Mexico.  I felt like I could look at them for weeks and still not see anything.
 Unfortunately the girls were fed up with listening and looking and they were more interested in causing trouble.  Who could believe that this little princess could get so whiny?  I guess that we deserved it after taking them through 2 complete days of museums. 
 Our next stop was the Templo Mayor which is the archeological dig that is right in the middle of the city.  I didn't know where we were headed and at first I just thought we were walking through some construction site to get to our next museum.  The group had stopped and Rocky was showing me a gecko that she found on the ground and all of a sudden I realized that we were standing in an ancient temple.
 It was Amber's birthday so she was wearing the crown and of course Rocky needed to go everywhere with her.

 There was a lot more cool stuff that they have dug up as they've uncovered the 6 different layers of pyramids.

 I thought these were jokes at first but there were a ton of them.  They would take real skulls and put rocks in them to make crazy looking cartoon heads.  The knives with the faces were set aside and used specifically for human sacrifices.  There was one skull that was all broken and actually still had the knife embedded in it.  I just think they look so funny after seeing all those other artifacts an then coming across something so different.
 We also went the the Palacio de Bellas Artes which is the theater where all the fancy ballets and operas take place.  Along the walls there are murals and it also houses several art exhibits.  I didn't really get to see too much of it because Rocky sort of melted down and needed to just sit for a little while.  There were a bunch of other students that had seen enough too so they were sitting around.  They found this dirty book in the museum gift shop.  It was called (parental warning) The Book of Big Penises and they spent the rest of the time daring each other to go in and take a look.  There was a companion book featuring breasts.  All in all I think that after we had seen so many amazing works of art the cultural overload sent them spiraling back into their Jr. High brains.

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Micha said...

Putting faces on those knives is actually really disturbing.