Friday, July 13, 2012


 I didn't even realize that there were Cinemarks in Mexico but apparently they are the 4th biggest theater chain in the country.  We went in and took a tour to make sure it was up to standards and were not let down.  It was pretty fancy and had that traditional popcorn smell.  We stumbled on it while in a very nice neighborhood.  One of the Señoras of one of  the students invited us over for comida.  It was by far the nicest area we have been in and her house was beautiful.  A short walk from her house was a mall.  It made me remember that where there is money there is luxury.  It also made me think that it is really easy to make assumptions about an entire country while only seeing a small portion.  We live in a downtown area and some of the things that are typical to our everyday experience are just things that are typical in big cities.  It was a fun chance to be in a suburb and see how much pride people take in their homes and yards.

Our little neighborhood is deeper in the city but it definitely has its own charm.  Yesterday there was a big get-together just up the street.  The city has made a big investment in trying to preserve public spaces and they were opening a new park.  We are super excited to have such a nice new park close to us.
To celebrate they set up a stage and had a concert, a big climbing wall and a ring for lucha libre.  While we missed the wrestling the girls did get to practice their moves.

 They tried out the new playground and are immediate fans.  There is also a running track and a bunch of exercise equipment to promote healthy living. 

 A lady gave Brandon a shirt and someone was handing out sandwiches which were delicious.  There were a lot of families there and it just felt like such a nice community.  Even though we got rained out it was super cool to see the support and to join with good people who are willing to invest in making their neighborhood even better.

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