Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who Wants to Be Julio Regalado?

The Hill of the Bells is a pretty important landmark because it is where Maximiliano the Emperor was shot by a firing squad which was basically the end of the revolution and the beginning of the restoration of the republic.  After such gruesome violence they tried to restore a feeling a peace by building a beautiful park.  Now it is a nice place to enjoy the shade and the view.
 Or you can get a workout at this outdoor gym.  
 In honor of peace a chapel was built there in honor of Maximiliano but the rule was that none of the materials that it was built out of could come from Mexican land.  Some of it was built out of the ship that they used to transport the materials.

This is something that we see everywhere.  These signs say "Everyone wants to be Julio Regalado."  They are advertising the discount campaigns for this huge store called Mega.  

 They catch my attention every time because to tell the truth I don't think anyone really wants to be Julio Regalado.

I mentioned that while we were in Mexico City there was a protest but even though we saw a lot of people walking around carrying signs, we really had no idea how huge it was.  It is surprising that the media hasn't really said much about it, even here.  We were standing in that square with the flag that morning and it was completely empty.  At first when I heard there was going to be a rally I thought it would be cool to see it, but now looking at it makes me think it would have been completely overwhelming.

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Micha said...

Oh... my... heavens. Julio Regaldo looks almost exactly like the guy I dated (briefly) right before Jim. Oy.