Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kind of Normal

 We have come to a place in our trip that we are getting so used to being here that we are kind of just doing regular stuff. 
Because this month is the anniversary of the founding of Querétaro they put together this book called City of 100 Poems.  We went to the release and got to hear 6 poets reading their work.  It was cool to be there but I have to admit that I was mostly lost when it comes to the meanings in the poems.  But, truth be told, I usually feel like that even when the poetry is in English.  After it was over they handed out fancy glasses of wine and apple soda and fancy little sandwiches.  Oh, and did I mention that it took place at this old convent?
 The next few things I unfortunately don't have any photos to document.  The first is that the other day when we were just sitting down to eat dinner I looked and there, hovering, in the middle of our kitchen, was a hummingbird.  The laundry room was made so that you could hang your clothes to dry so it is open to fresh air and the little bird just invited itself in.  I know that giving human emotions to animals isn't scientifically okay but I swear that it was just kind of awkward, like a student who walks into the wrong classroom.  It kind of hung there for a second and then flew out.

The second thing was that we went to see the Opera in the Park.  When we got there we thought we were in the wrong place because there wasn't a stage or anything.  We thought we would just wait a few minutes.  Then there was this woman screaming about an emergency and a girl was lying on the ground.  A doctor came out from a nearby ambulance and then he took out a microphone and started to sing.  We had all been duped because it was the beginning of the show.  It was like the a flash mob opera and people who had just been milling around the park had suddenly become the chorus.  After he was finished this lady who was wearing the orange coat and hat of the sanitation workers and carrying a broom busted out with the big solo from Carmen.  She was on the other side of the park so the crowd all ran over to where she was once they figured it out.  After that it became a game to try and spot the hidden singers.  It was something that was truly delightful.  Everyone was having fun and the music was amazing.  It was perfect for our family because, first, it was free, and second, we could listen while our kids were playing happily.  The only drawback was an incident that the girls and I got into with a patch of red ants.  It turns out that having ants in your pants really does make you do the boogie dance even if the operatic soundtrack doesn't match your moves.

We took the girls to the pool on campus that was actually very nice.  Even though it didn't have any kind of kid features they had a blast just kicking around and getting wet.  We also got ice cream on the way home because it was 2 for 1 Wednesday.  You would have thought that they had died and gone to heaven.

 After all that excitement we came home and they vegged out on the couch and watched Disney's Robin Hood in Spanish.  I don't know if you remember The Wonderful World of Disney when they used to show a special movie sometimes on Sunday nights.  For us it was a big deal back in the old days before everyone owned every DVD.  Well, apparently on Disney Junior the 24 hour Disney cartoon network, they have the Wonderful World of Disney 4 times a week. 

Robin Hood was still charming but it wasn't the same for me.  I think that the voice of Hiss just can't be altered without losing something special.

And speaking of dubbed movies, we went to see the new Spiderman.  I was hesitant because I knew that we also had the option of just watching it in English with subtitles, but Brandon really wanted the Spanish so we braved the biggest rainstorm I've ever experienced and walked ourselves to the theater.  We had to wade across the rivers...that is to say that they were formerly streets but had recently become rivers.  This also came with the exciting new game of trying to dodge the splashes from cars which we weren't very good at.  Luckily our friends were watching the kids so it was only 2 drowned rats that arrived and took seats which were promptly also soaked.  Lucky for me the movie was compelling enough that I forgot about the soaked jeans after a few minutes. 

Now that I look back at this post I guess that we still aren't really anywhere near what I would consider "normal" on a regular basis.  I guess I should have just called this post, "Kind of Fun."

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Laurie said...

I would say "kind of fun" seems to be your kind of normal, so you got it right. :) Although ants in pants don't seem like much fun, but for what it's worth, you did made me laugh.