Sunday, July 29, 2012

Starting our Goodbyes

 The farewell dinner was at the same place as the welcome dinner and I've been looking forward to it since we finished eating there the first time.  It was sad to say goodbye to the students but none of my photos of them turned out very good.  Instead all I have to document our friendship is a bunch of pictures of the food.
But seriously, I will miss the students and I appreciate them because they were good and stayed out of trouble which made it so Brandon could spend more time with us.  They were super sweet with our kids and a lot of fun.
And the food.  I decided that just to be safe I should eat enough churros to hold me over until the next time we are in Mexico.  I did that, and then I ate a couple more just to be safe.
Daisy helped me out in this pursuit.

 Rocky drank enough agua de jamaica to fill the city's fountains.
 I'm not sure what all of this is called, but I am positive that I will miss it.
 After eating more than I should have we went out to do more exploring.  We saw another amazing cathedral.  I'm thinking that everyone is probably getting tired of all these pictures, but think about how I feel.  I had to look at all this stuff with my own eyes and know that I would never be able to remember it all.

We also took a bus to an area on the outskirts of town where there were tianguis.  It is like a traveling mall that goes around to different areas and sets up shop for a weekend.  I hoped that we would see something interesting but it mostly consisted of an overwhelming maze of junk and pretty tasty looking food carts.
 There were booths and booths of the same things we've seen everywhere.  There were clothes, pirated DVDs, dollar store toys, tons of underwear, statues of saints, and all kinds of knick-knacks.
In between the perfumes and pots there were also a few surprises, if you could find them.  These little crabs for instance were for sell as pets.
 I thought this was cool that there was a whole booth just selling blender parts.  My friend Rosy in Eugene asked me a few months ago if I knew anyone who was looking for old blender lids.  She had saved 4 of them but it took me all this time to find the guy who would want them.
 And of course, the candy...I will never get sick of candy booths.

It was also the only place where I have seen luchador action figures.  Brandon knew most of their names.
 We finished the night by popping some popcorn and watching the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  I think they showed the full thing earlier in the day but we only got to see the highlights which lasted about 15 minutes, mostly which was fireworks.  The Mexican athletes were the only ones shown and they looked really cute in their sombreros and bright colors.  They showed Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude and Rocky asked, "Why does that guy keep screaming?"
The highlight overall was the popcorn.

On Saturday we took our last trip up to the Templo de la Cruz and the girls ate paletas while they pretended to be locals selling their wares.  The guys who were really selling the stuff were sitting back by the wall trying to stay in the shade.  I think they were happy to have someone sit in for them for awhile. 

 We wanted to remember the fountains that were so amazing.
This one is called the Conchero and is often used as a symbol of Querétaro. 
 We always have to stop and admire the dress shops.  There are hundreds of places selling unbelievably fancy dresses.  The girls wear them to weddings and to quinceñeras.  Every weekend there are limos that go by with a bunch of teenagers dressed to the nines standing up through the sun roof and blasting music. 
 Crazy Daisy wouldn't come down from this fountain until she saw the proof that I had taken a picture.  I was reluctant at first because out of all the awesome fountains this was probably one of the most dull, but she went ahead and spiced up the picture with her tongue.
 And I had to include a picture of Brandon's favorite street food.  He said that he has never in his life had a better hamburger.  Two of these monsters had the whole family stuffed.  I have no idea what made them so delicious and I have a feeling that it is better if I never know.
Tomorrow is our last full day here and then we fly out on Tuesday.  I am sad to leave but I feel like we are all so exhausted that we probably wouldn't last any longer anyway. 

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