Monday, July 16, 2012

A Flash Mob and Another Protest

 I always thought that the point of a flash mob was for it to be a surprise, but here in Querétaro it was scheduled for the plaza at 6:00.  This month is when they celebrate the founding of the city so there are activities almost every day and the flash mob was on all the posters.  I was glad because otherwise we would have missed it and I've always wanted to see one.
 They did it again 15 minutes later so Rocky joined in on the sidelines.  First we got a whistle blown at us for sitting on the edge of the fountain, and then we spent the next 20 minutes watching other people get whistled at for doing the same thing. 

Simultaneously on the other side of the plaza was another protest.  I know that everyone is probably sick of hearing about this, but it has been really cool for us to be able to see it firsthand. 
The campaign against Peña Nieto is this Yo Soy 132.  It started back in May when he went to a university to give a speech as part of his campaign.  Instead of being well-received the students booed and chanted at him until he had to hide in the bathroom and then sneak out a back exit.  The majority of the media backed him so the incident was underplayed and it was reported that the people who had booed were not even students at all, but were hired and planted by the other parties.  On Youtube 131 of the students who were there made a video where they showed their student IDs to prove that they were legit.  From that point on a journalist wrote a piece that said that he was #132 and it became a way to express the rejection of the PRI candidate.
 It is pretty interesting to see how quickly they have gotten so organized. 
I didn't get a photo but there was a girl and a boy that had completely painted their bodies.  They were wearing teeny little bikini bottoms and that is all.  I figured that I try to keep this blog at a PG level so I'd better pass.  I do think, however, that the two of them got more attention than the flash mob.

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