Monday, July 16, 2012


 We rode the bus for 2 1/2 hours and arrived at the beautiful city of Guanajuato.  At the station there were all kinds of tour guides there with their maps trying to tempt us to buy a tour.  Brandon really prefers to make his own kind of off the beaten path kind of tourism.  His students were game and we ended up with the cutest tour guide ever.  At least I think so.
Guanajuato definitely had a touristy feel to it but it is such a beautiful place that it makes sense that people would flock to it.  

We were walking into this cathedral and Daisy was ahead of us.  All of a sudden she came running out with her eyes even bigger than normal.  I had to go see what had scared her and this is what I found.  I took a picture and then turned and ran out myself.
 The Juarez theater is super famous for the muse statues on top.
 One of the most famous things about Guanajuato is that in October they have a big Cervantes festival.  Since we didn't get to be there for the party we had to check out the Don Quixote museum and it was awesome.

 We lost the rest of the group when the rain started to really pour down and our tour guide took us on a watery walk through the neighborhood.  You could tell that we had gone where few tourists had gone before because of the shocked look on the faces of people that we passed.
 The alleys between buildings were like rivers as water tried to make its way to lower ground.  The city had a very European feel to it and the streets were all meandering and narrow.  It is impossible to tell from the photos just how awesome it was.

When the rain got so heavy that we couldn't even really walk we jumped into a bank to take refuge.  This lady from across the road ran over with garbage bags and made these hoods for the girls.  She is in the photo, standing by her store.  She was awesome.
 The closest place to eat and to try and get dry was a pizza place.  It was the only pizza we've eaten since we've been here and even though it didn't have any sauce it was really good.  The girls picked the one that had hot dogs cut up on top and they devoured it like little animals.
 There are a bunch of underground roads and pathways throughout the city and we found ourselves in some pretty interesting tunnels.

 We then went ahead and joined the rest of the tourists just to make sure that we didn't miss anything too cool.  We rode up this funicular (translation: funicular) which is like a train that takes you right up a huge hill. 
 It was kind of like being in a tram. 
The views at the top were spectacular.
 Even with the amazing image of the city right there the kids were much more interested in this soda machine.  Sometimes I think that we are crazy to be going to the effort of hauling these little jammers to all these cool places when they would probably be happier just watching cartoons in our apartment.

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Micha said...

They might be happier watching cartoons, but they'll be more interesting adults with more diverse interests because you take them on these adventures. At least that's what I tell myself when our girls are less than thrilled with where we drag them :)