Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feeling at Home

 I can feel myself starting to relax a little and feel more at home here.  I've become so relaxed that I let the girls actually try the slide outside our front door.  They have wanted to go down it since we got here but I just thought that it looked way too dangerous.  The other day I saw a couple of little girls on it and they survived so I figured, when in Rome...  Rocky was too scared at first but when Daisy took the plunge she couldn't be outdone.  I know how she felt because I grew up with a brave little sister too.  Since they figured out how fast and fun it is the slide has become part of our daily schedule.  Before we have lunch we go roast for a while in the sun and take a few trips down the slide.

 So far we've only had minor injuries and we are keeping our fingers crossed.
 Also the quest to get Rocky to stop sucking her thumb continues.  While we were at our favorite al pastor place Brandon put hot sauce all over and once it dried it worked a lot better than any of the other concoctions that we have paid for. 
 When we first got here I felt like it was such a big city, but after being in the D.F. this place is downright quaint.  We're back to exploring the streets while walking around.  It really is my favorite way to explore because then you find treasures everywhere.  Yesterday we came across this cemetery.
 It was huge and completely filled with interesting headstones.
Some of the graves were so elaborate, and then there were some right next to them like this one that was just a mound of dirt.
 It is so different than any of the cemeteries that I've been to in the U.S.  There are so many shrines and altars and huge statues.  It was really beautiful and made me wish that it we were going to be here for Dia de los Muertos to see all the flowers and altars set up. 
 We also came across this sign.  I love that the restaurant is called Mr. Taco Fish.  This is the kind of stuff that you miss when you don't pound the pavement a little bit. 

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