Monday, July 16, 2012

El Pípila

 The funicular took us up to the top of the hill where there is a monument to El Pípila.  He is the hero of Guanajuato like we have the Corregidora here.  The Revolution had started and quickly spread to Guanajuato which is was a mining town.  The Spaniards got wind of it and all holed up in a granary with all the silver and riches.  Nobody could get in because they would just get shot.  This miner, Pípila, strapped a big piece if concrete to his back and stormed the door by himself.  He was shot at a bunch but the rock kept him safe.  He took a torch and lit the place on fire and the revolutionaries took charge.
The statue is pretty impressive and you can basically see him from anywhere in the city.  I also thought that this photo was significant because it is the 1000th picture that we have taken since we got here.  If you think I've been a little overzealous with all the photos on this blog just think about how bad it could be.

The city from up there looks beautiful.  Our camera didn't do it justice.

 We decided to walk down which was a good choice because it took us along a really great path that had beautiful stairways and cool views all along the way.  It also had this bathroom sign that just seemed cool for a number of reasons.
 It was a little slick but Rocky held my hand so I wouldn't fall.
We also got to walk through the Callejón de Beso where the balconies are so close people can kiss from one to the other.  They say that if you kiss on the lips on this street that you will get 7 years of good luck.  Brandon said we've already had 7 years good luck in our marriage and we will for sure have seven more.  There were so many people crammed into that little space that we were just trying to survive making it through.  It was fun, but like many things that tourism requires that everyone 'has to see' it was better in theory than in reality.
When we came out of the bottleneck there were a bunch of people with their cameras out.  Someone asked if she could get a picture with our kids and I thought it would be fine.  The problem that I hadn't anticipated was that once one person got a picture there were five more that wanted one, and then five more after that.  We were stuck there for 15 minutes while the girls were hugged, held, and photographed.  At first they were a little hesitant but then they got more into it.  Someone gave Rocky a packet of wafer cookies just for being so cute.  I wonder how they'll feel when they go back to the U.S. and nobody but their mom wants photos of them.

 The indoor market was huge and had two stories.  They were selling everything in there.  You could get all your groceries, clothes, pirated DVDs, bags, watches, or anything else you desired. 
 And in the end we were all exhausted again. 


Micha said...

Don't worry, I'll still take pictures of your kids to ease their lac-of-attention issues.

Rusten and Karen said...

I second what Michelle said. I'll take as much of those girls as I can get. Even if it has to be in picture form.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

It makes me so happy to read your posts and see all the fun things you guys are experiencing! I love that last picture! And, yes, if we do have to stay an extra year the good thing would be not having to say goodbye!

jillian said...

Your freckles are so fantastic.