Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Wandering

 Brandon took Daisy to school so that I could take Rocky to the science exhibit at the library.  It was all about water and had a bunch of fun activities that were perfect for her age.  The ball pit was there for kids to jump into and pretend that they were raindrops. 
 There was also a huge memory game.  When Rocky sat down to play with these kids I was kind of excited.  We only have a few toys here and one of them is a memory game that she and I play almost every day.  She has gotten really good at it and beats me all the time.  I thought that she would be able to hold her own against these other kids even though they were a little older.  I don't know if she was nervous or what but she totally choked.  Every single time it was her turn she picked the same two cards, the SAME two cards.  I think the mom of the kids just thought that she was 'special' or something and just kept encouraging her.  The kids didn't care because they were just glad to get all the matches themselves.  In the end she did finally match one of the two cards and I'm pretty sure that she had fun, which, I guess, is the point.  Maybe we had better wait a little while before we get her into any type of competitive activities.
 This isn't a great picture of this statue but I took it because Rocky loves it.  Every time we pass she has to stop and she always says that she wants to hold the lady's hand.  I'm trying to make sure and capture some of their favorite things because I'm hoping that it will cause them to remember a little of this experience.
 We went to another art exhibit and there were great photos and paintings, but Rocky and Daisy fixated on this video.  It was a yoga ball that was partially filled with water rolling down stairs and hills.  It was definitely experimental art but it was kind of fascinating.  I admit that I stood there and watched it for awhile myself.
 This photo shop has caught Brandon's eye every time we pass.  He likes the look of it.  I think it is cool because it still sells film.  This photo is also a good chance to play Where's Marci.
The shops here almost all just open up to the street.  Sometimes there are small doors like this one and other times it is just an open wall that they close and lock at night.  Window shopping doesn't exist because there aren't any windows, but you can immediately see everything inside which is an even better marketing strategy. 

On the way home last night Rapunzel and Eugene fell in love and held hands all the way home. 
 That is, until Rapunzel bit the dust and needed a little bit of help getting up. 
Daisy has actually become pretty darn tough after falling about 4 bazillion times.  She used to cry when she tripped but now it is such a common occurrence that she hardly even notices.  I'm wondering if she will even be able to walk normally when she gets on a level sidewalk.

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