Friday, July 27, 2012

New Favorites

 We have a few new favorite games to play.  With our lack of toys and friends Rocky especially has gotten pretty creative with her role playing.  Since we don't really have any books for bedtime stories Brandon will tell them stories at night and the other night he told them the story of the Corregidora.  Now Rocky likes to lock Daisy in the room and since we don't have keyholes she will pass notes under the door to start the war early.
They also have been pretending that the memory cards are money and Rocky will beg until Daisy gives her some.  I didn't get a picture but they also put all their toys on a blanket and when I would go by they would try to sell them to me.  I didn't take the bait though, they were charging a ridiculous amount.
 I always notice these frozen meals because who wouldn't want to eat something called Fud?
 I think that in this photo Daisy is eating something that actually is least I hope it is.
Since we have been here I've wanted to go to the museum El Museo de la Casa de la Zapatecana.  There are a lot of the older houses that are still standing, but this is one of the only ones that is actually furnished.  It also was the scene of 3 murders.  
The Zapatecana and her husband were super wealthy and moved in to this beautiful home in Querétaro but even though they had tons of valuable art and beautiful furniture they couldn't find happiness.  The story is that she asked their servant to kill her husband and then to get rid of any evidence she went ahead and killed the servant and buried both of their bodies in the basement.  Later through some kind of revenge some guys climbed into her window and murdered her and left her body outside in the plaza.  After she was dead they found the bodies in the basement where...and this is really debatable, the skeletons are still on display to this day.  I did see the skeletons through a glass hole in the floor, but I doubt that they were real.  Despite the best efforts of the movie that they showed, the house didn't feel creepy at all.  It was just cool.  Since both she and her husband were dead and didn't have any family the house was just locked up and all their fancy stuff was in there for like 40 years.  Then they decided to make it into a museum.
 You had to pay 20 pesos to be able to take photos so I just pirated this one from the internet.  I thought that the display in her room was pretty cool.  Especially how she would look at you through the mirror.  The house was beautiful and had hundreds of pieces of valuable art and authentic decorations.  The building had the high ceilings and arches that are so amazing around here.  There was a whole room just filled with clocks and another in that every wall was covered with crosses.  I'm so nosy when it comes to the way that people live and I thought it was super fun to see all that luxury that had just been left behind.

Brandon has been talking the whole time we've been here about trying some elote.  My experience with this mayonnaise covered corn on a stick basically came from the movie Nacho Libre and looked pretty nasty.
I have noticed that every time we pass this stand it smells really good and eventually I warmed to the idea.  As he was preparing them for us I realized that it just has a little mayo and is mostly covered with cheese and chili powder.

 They were unbelievable delicious.  I've never tasted corn that was so sweet and the chili powder wasn't spicy, but just perfectly flavorful.
 I am actually really glad that we didn't try it until we were toward the end of our trip or I would have wanted to stop at that stand every time we passed.  Just thinking about it right now makes me want to walk out the door this second and go get another.  That particular elote dude only opens at night though, so I am out of luck.
 Rocky and Daisy who can be picky when it comes to trying new things couldn't get enough.  Daisy actually started crying when we threw away the cob and she couldn't keep gnawing on it. 

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Debbie said...

I'm glad you finally tried the corn with Mayo. That's what I asked Brandon about a few weeks ago if you guys had been eating a lot of it. It still cant get Eric to try corn with mayo on it because he thinks it sounds disgusting and won't believe me when I say it is good. Hopefully you can get everyone to try it when you come back to Utah. My family eats it all the time because it became one of their favorites when they lived in Mexico before I was born.