Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 When Brandon was describing Bernal he said it was a place with a big rock that you can climb.  I guess this is the third largest rock of this kind and a cute little tourist town was set up around it.  We took this first picture before we started hiking and sweating our buns off.  We were stopped here while everybody payed a few pesos to use the bathroom.
And then the ascent began.  I was ready for a hike, but this was more strenuous than I had expected.
 There were some amazing views along the way and the girls took a lot of breaks, which were very helpful for me too.  I could just pretend that I was going so slowly because I was waiting for them. 
 Brandon somehow got all the students, two little girls, and one pregnant lady to the top.
 Once we were there Rocky spent the entire time looking for bugs in the puddle.  I'm not sure she even realized that we were on a cliff.
 Here we are with the whole group.  I'm the big one in the middle. 
So far these students are a really good bunch.  They are doing quite a bit of drinking, and a lot of dancing, and hopefully getting some study in on the side.  It is fun to practice Spanish with them because most of them are beginners and they think I'm really good. 

 Rocky took a picture at the restaurant where we ate gorditas that were made with blue corn.  We got some that were filled with nopalitos which are cactus and are delicious.
 While we were there this scorpion fell out of the ceiling and bounced off the face of one of the students.  Of course, Rocky had to have a photo.
 The town is full of restaurants, gardens, and shops and is really beautiful.

 The word on the street is that Bernal has the best popsicles in the world so we had to try them out.  I figured that after hiking up and down that rock in the scorching heat that anything cold would taste great.  Rocky's was some kind of fruit that I've never heard of before and Daisy's was flavored with pine nuts.  They were, as rumored, delicious.  They enjoyed them with their friend April who won their hearts in seconds.

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Micha said...

That scorpion story had me hyperventilating. Creepiest thing ever.