Friday, June 15, 2012

Steppin' Out

 Last night we checked out the store Bodega Aurora and apparently it is the place to be.  I thought it was just groceries but the place had everything, and I do mean everything.  As we walked around through the throngs of people and looked at the huge shelves of all kinds of things I started getting this kind of nauseating tired feeling.  After a few minutes I realized that it wasn't the foreign kind of weirdness, but it was the same feeling I always get at Walmart.  Later Brandon told me that the store is owned by Walmart and I figured that I can visit there if I start to get culture shock to reground myself.  We got some fruit and cereal and some basics for the kitchen.  We also have tried a couple of tiny little restaurants.  Rocky has all of a sudden turned into Miss. Picky Eater.  If she has a suspicion that an avocado has even been cut in the same room she won't touch the food.  I'm hoping that she passes through this stage, because if not, she is going to have a tough time surviving in this town.  Daisy is her usual self, sampling and enjoying pretty much anything we put in front of her.  Rocky has also lost her status as chatterbox and become very shy around strangers.  I'm wondering how long it will take all her words to bottle up before she explodes into a pressure bomb of Spanish.
The good news we discovered last night is that it gets a little cooler at night and our room has a ceiling fan.  We spent this morning watching cartoons and figuring out what all the superheroes are called in Spanish.  We also met with the Senoras who are the ladies that will be taking in all the students.  They are super nice and very motherly.
We also got to see a few things on our way.  This is the Templo de la Cruz and is right by the school where most of the business of the program happens. 
 We ate the most amazing mango ice cream in the plaza.  It is a special kind that they make in an ice barrel and has kind of a soft-serve texture.  It cost a buck for a cup of paradise.  And also, since the temple is a holy site they sell all kinds of religious stuff around, including some kind of brown candy called Pedos Monjas - Nun Farts.  They looked pretty intriguing but we opted for the cold treats instead.  Maybe next time.
 It is shocking to see the prices of everything because they use the $ but basically it is a little less than 10 pesos to 1 dollar.  My initial instinct is to be surprised by how much things cost, and then it changes to being surprised by how little.  The groceries were priced very similar to in Eugene, but the restaurants and booths are great deals for delicious food.  It is easy to buy things anyway because we just use play money.  The coins and bills are all different sizes and colors and it just seems like we are play-acting.  I'm sure the number on our bank account will still go down during this game, but I for one feel like it is worth it.
 We were far enough away from home that we took our first of what I am sure will be many taxi rides.  I know that both my mom and Brandon's are just breathing a sigh of relief that we made it here safely so I shouldn't bring it up that there are no seat belts to be found.  I can see now why my mom used to put her arm out to protect us when stopping quickly.  I don't know how we will ever get them back into their booster seats after this.
 It seems counter-intuitive but I think that the craziness of the traffic here actually makes for fewer accidents.  When everyone is so crammed together and making lane changes you really can't get going that fast.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.
And here, because I didn't include one yesterday, is a picture of the courtyard of our place.  It is surrounded by fences and security guards and there are signs outside that say Somos Vecinos Vigilantes - We are vigilant neighbors.  That should help the grandmas feel good again, right?  Or, does it seem a little scary that there are fences and security guards?
And now, while the chicas are still sleeping and Brandon is out doing program business I think I will retire myself to the room and let the ceiling fan do it's duty.

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Laurie said...

I hope you got a good nap in. I'm loving all the blogging and pictures... keep 'em coming. :)

The mango ice cream sounds delicious, not too sure about the nun farts though. I like the idea of the play money, I could use some of that too.