Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun in Florence

Oma, Opa, and Jill came for a visit just in time for some of the most beautiful Eugene weather possible.  In order to make up for the lack of photos that we took last week, this time instead we took about a hundred million.  Between the two of us Jill and I just about filled an entire memory card.
I'm glad that we have some nice pictures though because we had a really great time together during this visit and I hope that my girls will be able to remember how awesome their grandparents are and how much they love their Tia Jilly.

Rocky insisted that she try on the life jackets and model them for us.

 Instead of heading north or south from Florence, this time we just went out and explored right there on the Jetty.  Dad found a couple of perfect sand dollars and was really proud of his treasures.

 We played for a long time in the driftwood structures there.  Rocky and Daisy were able to feel right at home in the "cozy" little house.  They felt so at home that they immediately began squabbling over sticks which can be pretty dangerous.

 We also did the Sweet Creek hike which is just outside of Florence along the Siuslaw River.  I had only been there once before and was worried that I had remembered it prettier than it really was, but there is no way it could even be imagined to be more beautiful.

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