Friday, June 22, 2012

More Nun than You Want

We spent yesterday in the house so there aren't too many new adventures.  We did learn that Strawberry Shortcake is called Rosita Fresita which I think it really cute.
Brandon brought home dinner.  He bought 10 tacos and this huge quesadilla with ham, avacado, onion and tomatoes and he spent 60 pesos (a little less than $6).  I think that place is about to become my new favorite.
He also brought some of the Pedos De Monja for us to sample.
The slogan is 'mas vale adentro que afuera'
More valuable inside than out
It turns out that these chocolates are a product of Queretaro.
On the back there is a little bit of history and it actually explains that despite it's name, the pedos really have nothing to do with 'ventosidades' which apparently is the more genteel way of putting it...maybe like the word flatulance.
Two chocolatiers  in Queretaro wanted to make something special with a local flavor.  They were inspired by a similar chocolate that you can find in Barcelona called "Pechos de Monja" which means Nun's boobs.  They thought it would be smart to just to change the middle of the word and instead of 'pecho' it became 'pedo'.  I'm still trying to figure out which one is more offensive.  
I think it is a good connection for our family because Barcelona will always be Brandon's first foreign love and Queretaro is quickly becoming his second.
Once you get past the bag, the chocolates inside are delicious truffles.

I'm feeling really good about the decision to bring Daisy's manatee pajamas because no matter how naughty she is during the day she is absolutely adorable every night.

Also, we are still sending our love to Utah to our little Cambria.  She had her surgery and is hopefully on her way to a full recovery.  Rocky wishes she could be there to support her cousin and to watch cartoons with her.


Laurie said...

After you first posted about the Pedos de Monja I had to look them up because I was truly intrigued. (I found some pretty interesting things while googling them... ha ha.) Glad to hear that they're tasty. :)

Also, those manatee jammies are way cool.

Laurie said...

Oh, also, hiking hills totally counts as more than just something. :)

Micha said...

You are so funny!
Seriously, you are never going to forget these adventures. The girls look happy, of course, how could they not when there is chocolate (regardless of what body part it's named after)?!