Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gettin' Cultured

 For family night we took the girls to a small art museum la Galería Libertad.  We thought it could be a practice run for all the museums that we are scheduled to visit in Mexico City.  This place was very small and had illustrations by La Remolacha which you should check out because they are really cool.  The girls scored about a C-.  They could have been better, but they definitely could have been worse.  For our part it was a fun exhibit.
 We also found another plaza with this memorial to La Corregidora.  I really like it because I think she looks tough standing up there, and you might not be able to see it, but below her feet is a keyhole.

I have already mentioned the upcoming elections but they are a very prevalent part of our daily life.  I thought that things were getting kind of heated with the presidential elections in the U.S. but this is that magnified by about 500.  Every night there are huge rallies with music blasting and all day there are cars with huge speakers driving around blasting campaign messages.  There are tons of firecrackers and concerts with people dancing in the street.  There are teenage kids that stand around wearing signs and handing out flyers.  The actual election is this weekend so I'm guessing that it will keep building until Sunday night and then explode into about a week of celebrations.  Brandon said that he would definitely vote for this guy because on the back of his campaign material there is a picture of him with a luchadora.  Just picture him standing there with Nacho Libre in his mask and you've got the idea.  This car has been driving around and Rocky always gets a little bit nervous.  It looks even scarier from the back because there is a face on the other side too and it makes him just look like his body is on backwards. 

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Micha said...

That double sided head thing is hilarious, as is the idea of the luchadora picture. Ha! That sounds awesome. By far my favorite picture is Daisy on the floor in the museum. That's just funny :)