Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More About Food

 I thought that instead of sticking around home I would take the girls out into the wild and go on an adventure.  We had walked past the McDonald's and it looked like it had a great playplace.  It also looked like it had air conditioning so we thought we should check it out.  Rocky held Daisy's hand the whole way there and tried really hard to keep her protected.  The scariest part of the walk is when we have to cross the huge Bodega parking lot.  There are parking attendants there with whistles that tell people when and where to park.  It always stresses me out when I hear all those whistles.  It is like being at the pool and when I hear the lifeguard's whistle go I always think that I'm in some kind of trouble.
We got there a little after 11 and realized that they don't switch to the lunch menu until noon so there was plenty of time to play.  Rocky climbed right up to the top of the structure and ran through it a couple of times and was bored in 5 minutes.  Daisy, on the other hand, climbed herself to the top and then became completely terrified.  She curled up in a ball and started to cry.  She just kept saying, "Mama, Mama."  I tried to talk her down for a while, and then I sent Rocky up there to try to coax her to go down the slide at which point the crying turned to screaming and hitting.  After a while I actually tried to wiggle myself up the steps but not only do I have a huge belly, but they weren't sturdy at all and I was doubtful that even if I could maneuver myself through that it wouldn't hold.  After about a half hour I finally talked her over the bridge and through the netting to the slide and then Rocky climbed up the slide and pulled her legs until she made it to the bottom.  I can only imagine what the employees thought about those crazy gringos in the kid zone.  I was worried that she was going to have some kind of lasting trauma but the second her feet hit the ground she was happy as could be.  The Cajita Feliz was priced very similarly to that in the states, I think it was 49 pesos, which seems like highway robbery here.  We just got one and an order of fries to share.  The chicken nuggets tasted exactly like they do at home, that is to say, they were nasty.
 Needless to say, I think this was probably our first and last trip to the Mexican McDonald's.
On the way home they were fighting over the toy so we compromised and Rocky got to hold the box while Daisy got to hold the toy train.
 To make up for lunch we hit this little place that we pass several times each day.  Once again we had al pastor tacos and they were amazing.  I'm not sure if it is a pregnancy thing, but it seems like those tacos are all I can think about.  On weekdays this place will do 2 for 1 tacos so these ended up being about 30 cents each.  They are corn tortillas with the meat and a slice of pineapple and then you cover it with chopped onion and cilantro with a squeeze of lime and then one of the variety of sauces that are spicy but also full of delicious flavor.
 The guys that work there were super nice and I think they are really proud of their al pastor.  They tend it all day long and it has a crispy roasted texture that isn't like any of the other places we've tried.  I think it might be my favorite.  Wait, I'm pretty sure that I've said that about every single thing we've eaten.
 On the way home we stopped to get some groceries and I had to take a picture of the bakery section because there is such a variety of sweet breads.  To make your selection you go to the counter and pick up a tray and some tongs and then you select what you want and take it back and they'll bag it for you.  The girls followed Brandon around and tried to get him to buy one of everything, but he ended up with three for us to sample.  One of them was covered with sprinkles and filled with jam. 
Buen Provecho.


Micha said...

I seriously want to eat some of those tacos! They put pineapple on them? They sound heavenly, so I doubt it's a pregnancy thing :)

jillian said...

This made me lol so many times. And I don't use that ridiculous term lightly.

Janet said...

I am with Jill. I hate the term, but I definitely was loling...poor Daisy...stuck in a McDonalds playground!

Jody said...

Why was I not born a Mexican?! I love al pastor. Like a lot. And pan, paletas, horchata, and pretty much everything else. I'm so happy you guys are there!

Rusten and Karen said...

Oh how I miss you and your girls! I think I was laughing so hard I was crying. I'm sorry that Daisy got stuck up there. I'm glad she finally made it down.