Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prefontaine Classic

The Rigby family hit it big this past weekend when we scored some free tickets to the greatest track meet of the year.  Because Hayward Field is getting all gussied up for the Olympic Trials there are a bunch of extra bleachers set up and there were seats for the nameless rabble that usually can't afford stuff like this, and we were the first in line to claim our privilege.
  Named for the patron Saint of Eugene, the Prefontaine Classic has a reputation of being where athletes go to break records.  We were not let down this year with awesome performances in every event.
It was amazing!  I was particularly in awe of the womens high jump and of course, the 5000, which I took a picture of in honor of Pre.
Hayward Field is just so beautiful and the enthusiasm of this community is hard to even describe.

 We had a blast and can't wait to see all the athletes again, but this time it will be on T.V. from Mexico during the Olympics. 

Bonus Picture:
Laurie's little Euan models my latest attempt at creativity which just goes to prove that her kids can make anything look cool.  He is so adorable!


becky rigby said...

Mars, I can't believe you made that. That is so adorable. What a cute little baby too. I'm pretty sure my little boy needs one too. =)

I knew when I saw Prefontaine Classic as the title that this post was going to be a winner.... you did not disappoint.

Micha said...

So fun! I bet it was incredible since the night before the Classic was pretty amazing too. Those people are FAST!

The hat is awesome. Just accept it. :)

Heather said...

Makes me homesick for Eugene!!! Love the froggie hat you made for Euan, so cute!

HolliJo said...

I totally just blog stalked you, so I thought I would comment to make it less stalker-ish. How fun you guys got to go to the meet. We were sad we haven't been able to check Hayward Field off our Eugene bucket list yet. I guess we'll just have to come back and visit. :)