Thursday, June 14, 2012

Queretero It Is

Okay, so I'm thinking that this situation of not being able to talk on the phone could create a very positive situation for the blog.  I've got a lot to say and no one to say it to so if you aren't interested in all the nitty gritty details of our Mexican adventure, feel free to disregard the next couple of months.  We'll see if as I start feeling more comfortable with my conversational Spanish if it will taper off, but for today, ya'll are in luck.  Also I am operating on zero sleep which always makes for a good time.
We started out yesterday around noon and after a 2 hour drive out to Portland, with a stop to see my awesome friend Katrina's new house, we were on the MAX light rail on our way to the airport.  Rocky and Daisy were super excited and could hardly keep still. 
 Then we took our first flight to San Francisco and after a 3 hour layover, which can pretty much be described as long and dull we boarded our flight to Mexico City at 11:30 P.M.  I, of course, couldn't sleep a wink because I suffer from anxiety induced sleep deprivation, which is not a real diagnosis, but is a malady that I do not share with any of the other members of my family who have the Rigby gift of being able to sleep at any time and in any situation.  For some reason our seats were split up so Rocky and I kept guard in the front of the plane while Daisy and her daddy manned the rear.  I lucked out because Rocky immediately wrapped herself in a blanket, put her head in my lap and her feet in the lap of the Brazilian lady sitting in the window seat.  She didn't speak English, or Spanish, but she was a saint.  She let Rocky just snuggle right up to her and she would adjust the blankets and rub her back whenever little Sleeping Beauty would stir.  It is pretty awesome that without her even saying a word I honestly feel like she is one of the best people I have ever come across.  She did tell me her name is Socorro which was very fitting. 
Brandon didn't fare so well in the back.  I guess that Daisy slept okay during the flight but just as the plane landed she barfed.  They were both kind of a mess and then later when we were going through immigration she went ahead and puked again.  I can only assume that Mexico was excited to see us coming.  I guess that all those times when I said, "Oh, just let them have whatever treats they want, it is only one night," may have been based on faulty reasoning. 
It was okay though because by the time we were done cleaning her up the lines were all gone and it was clear very early on that one of our bags had been lost.  While we were waiting to file our complaint Daisy went ahead and puked again.  I felt really sad for her, but I was so tired by that time that it all seemed horribly funny.  By that time it was like 4 AM and believe me, I was the only one who was laughing.
A Moment that Perhaps Might Be Better Forgotton
 Since we were waiting there for so long there was time for a quick dip into the bags to find something clean for Daisy to wear.  We couldn't find any of her clothes, but Rocky's tank top made for a pretty risque little go-go dress.  It didn't really matter what they were wearing anyway because two little curly-haired blondes really make a scene, even in the airport.  People had told me that they would attract a lot of attention, but I was even surprised at how many stares and smiles they got.  Living here is going to be even better for Rocky's quest for fame than getting her forehead all scraped up.  When you add me with my huge pregnant belly we make quite a spectacle. 
We didn't see much of Mexico City because we needed to get on the final step of our trip, the 3 hour bus ride into Queretero.  I was really surprised at how serious the security was.  We had to send our bags through X-ray machines and get patted down before we could get on.  The bus seemed really luxurious with its spacious seats that would recline and the snack bag that they sent with us.  Once again the rest of my family fell right to sleep and I spent the time watching some American movie and old episodes of Glee dubbed in Spanish.  The movie was something about a bunch of middle-aged ladies that sit around and have conversations about their husbands, which seemed much more interesting in Spanish, and there was only one scene that made me really glad the girls were asleep. 
Once we got to the bus station the lady in charge of the study abroad over here came and picked us up.  She took us to our new place and gave us a little tour so we could start finding our way around.  She is awesome!  I can't get over how great this job is.  Usually traveling means that you are trying to figure out how to not get ripped off by a taxi driver and here we were getting the royal treatment by a local.  The streets were crazy of course and she was unfazed. 
Along the way she also gave us the rundown about the Presidential election which is serious news around here and let us know which candidate had her vote.  There are huge billboards advertising the candidates everywhere...and I mean everywhere.  I'm sure it is something we will be hearing a lot more about because the election takes place on July 1st.
The apartment is very nice.  
 There are 3 bedrooms with another little bed in the back room and 3 bathrooms.  There is even a washing machine and a really awesome courtyard between the buildings.  Once again, I just feel like we completely lucked out.
 The front room looks a little sparse because we had to move all the fragile decorations before they were broken.  The kitchen has one of those saloon doors on it and it seems pretty fully stocked.

We started to unpack and tried to figure out what was in our lost bag.  I kept finding the things we needed and after awhile was left wondering what was in there anyway.  I thought that I was packing lightly but I guess not.  We did realize as we used up the last diaper and the last of our wipes that all the extras were MIA but that seems to be easy enough to solve.
Since we had eaten basically nothing but junk food for the last 24 hours we thought that we would go find a restaurant to get some real food.  Gaby directed us to a place called Vip which turned out to be kind of like a Mexican Denny's but also, it turned out, the place to be when it comes to having a business meeting.  Rocky picked a picture off the kids breakfast menu that was called "Magic Pancakes" and appeared to be a bunch of mini pancakes that came with a choice of a topping for the top.  We laughed really hard that when it came it was covered with a huge scoop of ice cream and didn't have one of the choices of toppings, but came with all of them.  So, for their real food Rocky and Daisy ate a pancake sundae with sprinkles, M&Ms, hot fudge, and strawberry syrup.  I guess we will take a second look next time before ordering anything considered "magic."
We passed by the huge grocery store that is about a block from our place and it looks exciting.  If the girls will ever wake up from their heat coma we will be on our way.
It is HOT, HOT, HOT, especially for a couple of Eugenies like these ladies. 


Kathy Rigby said...

I love you! I am so glad that you are there and safe. We will be waiting to hear more of your adventures. Love, Abia

Callie. said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful update. I love you and your little family, and what an awesome adventure. You are a trooper with all that traveling with kids for sure; I am not so certain I could have handled it. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures!
ps. having lived in Eugene has made me intolerant of heat also. We had two days here recently in the 90s, and with no A/C, I thought I might die.

Laurie said...

So glad you made it safely. I love your story telling abilities, I cannot wait to read more about your amazing adventures.

Be safe, enjoy your nice and spacious apartment and most of all, have fun!!!

Janet said...

I am so glad to see you safe and sound! Looks like you are in a great place....ah, relief! Take care of yourself. Love, Mom

HolliJo said...

So glad you guys made it! Have fun. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Sounds like quite the trip and memory! I agree with Laurie, your story telling abilities are the best. You guys are going to have a great time!

Jody said...

Just so you know, I'm totally living through your experiences so I love this and I can't wait to hear more. I'm so jealous of all the Spanish practice you'll get. We miss you guys already but we're glad you made it safely!